Griffonage writing a resume

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San Francisco Bay Area Owner / Director at Griffonage Studios Fine Art Skills: Editing, Curriculum Design, Classroom Instruction, Teaching, E-learning, Social Networking, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Customer Relations, PowerPoint, Word, Writing, Research, Windows, Leadership Development, Public Relations, Art, Photography, Higher Education.

Retweeted by UWaterloo WCC Re-writing the Family Archive. Discover the 'creative' in creative non-fiction. Discover the 'creative' in creative non-fiction.

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6 Universal Rules for Resume Writing

kind of attempt not to. But it is Sunday and traditionally it is the day of the lowest hits to Blobby's Blog. I don't want sound like I am disrespecting my reading public and I try not just go through.

This is the last of the first anniversary posts. Even I'm a little bored writing about it. We got a nice card from Rebecca yesterday.

Chronological Resume Samples & Writing Guide

I am so bad about sending stuff out like this. I remember the days, just can't get it together to buy something to send out and then get it out the door, let alone on time.

I'm a social retard.

Griffonage writing a resume
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