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Gulbadan Begum Explained

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Gulbadan Begum: Wikis

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Gulbadan Begum Explained

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The Begum's Fortune (French: Les Cinq cents millions de la Bégum), also published as The Begum's Millions, is an novel by Jules Verne, with some elements which could be described as utopian and others which seem clearly dystopian.

It is remarkable as the first published book in which Verne was cautionary and to some degree pessimistic.


Akbar asked his aunt to write whatever she remembered about her brother’s life - Humayun’s glory days of victories and agonies of his defeats, his joys and trepidations. Gulbadan Begum took the challenge and produced a special document that came to be called Humayun namah.

Gulbadan Begum ( - 7 February ) was a Mughal princess and the youngest daughter of Emperor Babur, the founder of the Mughal Empire and the first Mughal emperor. She is best known as the author of Humayun-Nama, the account of the life of her half-brother, Emperor Humayun, which she wrote on the request of her nephew, Emperor Akbar.

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Gulbadan begum writing a resume
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Humayun-Nama: Gulbadan Begum's Forgotten Manuscript by Neria H. Hebbar